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A story on behalf of Marusenka's mother: I, the mother of "Thumbelina" Mashuli! My baby was born at 30 weeks with an extremely low body weight of 985 grams and a height of 39cm. There was an emergency caesarean section due to placental insufficiency. Mashuli had congenital infectious diseases: hepatitis, enterocolitis and pneumonia. Against the background of these infections, hemorrhagic syndrome began, stomach bleeding opened, blood oozed from the wounds on the skin. For two months my daughter was fed through a tube, a month in intensive care was spent only on intravenous nutrition. When Mashulya got into intensive care, the forecasts were the most disappointing. The resuscitator who came to pick us up from the perinatal center to a specialized clinic immediately warned that the child's chances are very scanty. Our liver was greatly enlarged, or rather, it stopped working at all, infections slowly ate up the baby's life, sepsis developed, hemoglobin was constantly falling. There were a huge number of blood transfusions. But Marusya, to the surprise of all the doctors, turned out to be lively and fought so steadily for her life. Now, after 5 months have passed, I simply have no right to give up and let the child's health take its course. We have already completed two habilitation courses at the “Favorite Baby” center. And the results of our classes are obvious: Mashulya holds her head, tries to roll over. Yes, we are lagging behind our peers, but my baby will definitely catch up with them and will live the full life of a healthy child. For this we need to go through several more courses of habilitation. And you can help us with this !!!
Let's help "Thumbelina" Mashula catch up with her peers! Event: Own reason
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    Создаю абсолютное здоровье для вашего сына самым лёгким экологичным безопасным способом во Вселенной!) • • •
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