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Yachting for sunny children
Event: 22nd regatta Capetana-Croatia 2018
We spend time on yachts, some of us - a lot of time. We participate in campaigns and regattas. Sometimes we win medals and cups. And we think that this is important ... But there are things of a completely different order of importance. Yacht club TrySail makes an attempt to present several sunny (with Down's syndrome) children a little familiar yacht emotions and impressions. I really want to make these children enjoyable - to organize for them a hike on a yacht in a warm, affectionate sea and thereby make them a little happier. Our project, unlike various programs of different funds, is for absolutely specific children whom we know; it is transparent and understandable; To all who are interested in the detailed information - please contact us. The task of collecting the necessary amount is much more difficult than winning a race or winning a cup. But we believe that the yachting brotherhood is ready to share its emotions with sunny kids! View more >>
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Our team "CARROT JAM" once again participates in one of the best Russian-speaking regattas - "Capestan - Croatia". Unforgettable moments of sailing races help us to feel the beauty of the world and the fullness of life, and this very much wants to share. Fund "Just People" helps people who are mentally ill, doomed to live all their lives in the psycho-neurological boarding school (PNI), keep a person and live a full life. By this act, we raise funds for the project "Puppet House", which will allow the trustees of the fund to engage in meaningful business, be proud of the result of their labor and receive a decent salary for it. The Foundation organizes a workshop of author's handmade dolls in the PIP. The creation of each doll is a creative and rehabilitating process, where every patient will have the opportunity to take action. Dolls created by the hands of the mentally ill are sold well at charity fairs, there is also the idea of ​​making toys as corporate souvenirs. Nevertheless, the receipt of income is not the main goal of the project, because the characteristics of the trust fund will not allow the workshop to produce toys on an industrial scale. The most important thing for them is a creative and feasible occupation that fills life with meaning. The project starts with a small investment and eventually, we hope, will be self-financing. First you need to pay for the work of the puppet master (24 lessons) and materials for sewing dolls.
We will help to build a "Dollhouse"! Event: 22nd regatta Capetana-Croatia 2018

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