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Regina Shtyagina. Founder of the PR-agency R&R. The annual Campaign # Runpopogu became an incentive for me to participate in the marathon when the action is full of meaning! I run a marathon and help a child ward of the Markhamat Foundation. A clear, environmentally friendly, kind story! I believe that every one of ours, even such a small action, changes the world for the better! The world of one kid will definitely change! Are we participating? Gordey Yanukovych, 4 years old Diagnosis: mental retardation with autistic manifestations Two years ago, a mischievous and good boy, the middle of the children in the family, Gordey was diagnosed with a difficult diagnosis of “RPD with autistic manifestations”. The family was very worried about this, the doctors could not explain how to communicate with their son correctly. Once mother Lilia learned about the Markhamat Child Development Center, they decided to try to come to the teachers. “Gordey was uncontrollable, with frequent mood swings, he did not understand anything at all, his sleep was disturbed, and there was a lot of other things accompanying him,” says my mother. “After we took several courses at Markhamat, the child changed! The evening tantrums are gone, he began to understand more, words appear, and how he loves to study with his favorite teachers! " We believe that Gordey's story will have a happy ending, and he will be able to fully socialize among his peers and adults. This requires classes with specialists. We are raising 10,000 rubles so that Gordey can study with the teachers of the Markhamat Child Development Center for free for 2 months.

Regina Shtyagina. I'm running to help Gordey Yanukovych Event: Ufa International Marathon 2020
Radmir Saubanov. I'm running to help Emir Minligareev Event: Ufa International Marathon 2020

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