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98-year-old video blogger Granny Zina, the oldest fundraiser in the country, became the Person of the Year

98-year-old Zinaida Korneva - & nbsp; Grandma Zina, & nbsp; the oldest fundraiser in Russia - recognized as the Person of the Year, according to & nbsp; experts & nbsp; LIME. & Nbsp; We have already talked about Zinaida Korneva. In 2020, she was infected by the example of British war veteran Tom Moore, who raised more than £ 30 million in support of British doctors who are fighting the coronavirus. Tom Moore became a fundraiser - while recovering from surgery, he promised to take walks around his garden to raise funds for his 100th birthday, and it worked. Zinaida Korneva, a veteran of & nbsp; Great Patriotic War, decided to follow this example. & Nbsp; Zina worked as a teacher before the war, and then went to the front as an anti-aircraft gunner and & nbsp; came to & nbsp; Berlin. & Nbsp; A resident of St. Petersburg announced that she was also announcing fundraising for the benefit of doctors! Zinaida Korneva (on the network she was already called grandmother Zina). She began to & nbsp; record & nbsp; videos, including various stories about the war, and upload & nbsp; them on her You Tube channel: ;. We managed to collect more than & nbsp; 4 million rubles for the benefit of Russian doctors! & Nbsp; & nbsp; The money went to & nbsp; aid to doctors affected by & nbsp; COVID-19. Zinaida Korneva was rightfully chosen as the Person of the Year! Let's follow the example of this most senior fundraiser in our country. There is no need to be afraid or ashamed, any of your actions can benefit those who need it right now. Create Actions on the Do It! and help easily!

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  • 98-year-old Petersburger, World War II veteran Zinaida Korneva followed in the footsteps of British veteran Tom Moore, who raised millions of pounds in support of doctors. She also announced a fundraiser in support of doctors who are fighting the coronavirus, and has already collected more than 4 million rubles!


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